Cab/chassis trucks are often modified (e.g. wheelbase extension, body fitment, etc) in order to suit the desired application. Those modifications are require to be inspected by a VASS engineer for compliance and a VASS certificate lodged with VicRoads.

Bonneville Consulting is qualified and has the experience to perform an inspection and provide you with the VASS certificate and Heavy Vehicle modification plate.  The assessment is carried out in accordance with VSB 6.

Common major modifications that are carried out and have been certified by Bonneville Consulting are:

  • Chassis/Wheelbase extension or shortening
  • Lazy axle fitment & GVM upgrade
  • Body fitment: Tipper, Tray, Van
  • Tow Truck modification
  • Concrete Pump fitment

Since all modifications are different, we advise that you contact us. Please explain your modifications in an email. We will respond and provide you with a quote also. Depending on the modifications and date of manufacture of the truck, different ADRs and requirements apply.

Please contact JC Bonneville in order to orgnaize an inspection. Inspections are performed on site. Discount applicable to fleet.
spacer  tipperbody

Tipper Body

1980 Kenworth Prime mover tri axle

Kenworth with tri-axle

Tilt  slide tray for tow truck

Tilt & Slide tow truck

Rear mounted crane

Rear mounted crane